Evening Sessions


Meeting at Stanbridge Primary School Wednesday evening at 6PM in the main car park.

The starting date for our new Monday evening session for 2017 will be advertised when confirmed.

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Session Types;

Out/Back: This session is a 20 minute run ‘out’ in one direction followed by the same route ‘back’, aiming to return to the start point in under 20 minutes (a negative split). A session like this is good for pacing, stamina building and everyone finishing together. Our regular routes are usually to Mangotsfield Refuse Centre or along Westerleigh Rd heading towards the Willy Wicket.

#RunAndTalk: We often have #RunAndTalk sessions which are a chance for group members to run at a ‘speed of chat’ pace and socialise.  Routes vary in distance (depending on the time of year).

Recovery Run: A recovery run is a relatively short run performed at a steady, slow pace. Recovery runs serve to add a little mileage to a runner’s training without taking away from performance in the harder, more important workouts that precede and follow them.Recovery runs are best done as the next run after a hard workout such as an interval run. Do your recovery runs as slowly as necessary to feel relatively comfortable despite lingering fatigue from your previous run.

Base Run: A base run is a relatively short to moderate-length run undertaken at a runner’s natural pace. While individual base runs are not meant to be challenging, they are meant to be done frequently, and in the aggregate they stimulate big improvements in aerobic capacity, endurance, and running economy.

Long Run: Generally, a long run is simply a base run that lasts long enough to leave a runner moderately to severely fatigued. The function of a long run is to increase raw endurance. The distance or duration required to achieve this effect depends, of course, on your current level of endurance. As a general rule, your longest run should be long enough to give you confidence that raw endurance will not limit you in races.

Progression Run: Our progression runs are normally 3-5 loops of a 0.6 – 1 mile circuit with the pace increasing for each loop. This sort of session is great for 10K training and we usually do them on Long Rd or Peache Rd.

Fartlek Run: Fartlek sessions (Swedish for ‘speed play’) incorporates sprints of various distances and speed. This is an enjoyable type of session which helps to develop speed, power and stamina. The Graham Rd loop is usually used for this.

Hills: Although not loved by everyone, hill training is a sure fire way of building power and stamina.  We’d believe it should be a staple session in any runner’s training.  Stockwell Close offers a formidable incline for this training.

Tempo Run: A tempo run is a workout that features one or two sustained efforts somewhere in the range of lactate threshold intensity, which is the fastest pace that can be sustained for one hour in highly fit runners and the fastest pace that can be sustained for 20 minutes in less fit runners. Tempo/threshold runs serve to increase the speed you can sustain for a prolonged period of time and to increase the time you can sustain a relatively fast pace.

Intervals: Interval workouts consist of repeated shorter segments of fast running separated by slow jogging “recoveries”. This format enables a runner to pack more fast running into a single workout than he or she could with a single prolonged fast effort to exhaustion.