Memories, Medals and T-Shirts 2017


Jer Cross

“My favourite race this year was at the Burnham and Highbridge Parkrun on the  28th January.  I have been to this parkrun before and love the route and the coastal scenery.”


Rob Stewart

“When the Stanbridge Fliers helped Marshall the Bristol half marathon. Runners are such a friendly and social bunch, even when we are not running.”

Claire McKinstry

“Running down to and around the Bristol Harbourside. With drinks afterwards of course.”

Darryl Austin

“Sunday the 7th of May I ran the Great Bristol 10k in memory of a late friend.”

Lynn Bridgman

“Running The Watermore 10k with Suzan Hobbs, We laughed most of the way round ate too many jelly babies and came in near the back, and from not knowing Suzan before.”


George Clarke

“A large group from the Fliers entered the Forest of Dean Half.  James Baker said that he would be running 9 minute miles during the race and we could do it together.  I think James got his 9 minute miles mixed up with his 7 minutes miles and I had no chance of staying at that pace but still finished the race.”

Claire Jackaway

“Running up the hills without stopping Wed 8th Nov.”

James Baker

“My favourite running related memory is a culmination of training runs with my running wife Matt. We’ve trained hard this year for the Bournemouth marathon and the Green Man Ultra which is looming in the not too distant future. I’ve enjoyed running the Green Man trail with Matt, along with the Cotswolds Way routes. Tough, hard slogs but enjoyable nevertheless. The memory that sticks with me most in this journey so far though, is the Bournemouth marathon itself. An early injury setback in the race looked like Matt would have to pull out. He asked me to run on which I was reticent to do as we’d trained so hard for this event and we had earmarked it as a PB occasion.

Sadly, he sent me packing meaning I’d have to run the remaining 18 miles by myself knowing Matt would DNF (did not finish) this event. Imagine my surprise then when at mile 18 I saw him heading towards me on an out and back stretch of the route. His face was contorted with pain and it was as much as he could do do high five me. My heart filled with pride when I reflected on what my friend had achieved. ‘Surely,’ I thought, ‘he won’t make it to the end?’, but alas, at mile 22 I saw him again, part hobbling, half running. He looked in a bad way, BUT I knew then that he would make it. He was running with his heart and not his legs. It was an amazing feat. Matt crossed the finish line in five hours. It wasn’t about the time though as that was secondary to the desire he had to finish the race and never, ever give up. Flier through and through #runwithyourheart.”

Jo Ball

“Managing my first 10k with me and Claire Jackway helping and supporting each other round.”


Charlotte Spencer

“Liverpool marathon. Im not the fastest or strongest runner & was worried doing my second marathon that I would miss the adrenaline & crowd support of London (my first marathon). I took 24 minutes off my PB & I felt strong & invincible! If anyone wants to hear about it its my favourite topic of conversation!!”

Katie Cobern

“Since becoming a flier myself I have managed to convince my best friend to also start running and this year we began running together- it felt great to have another common.”

Mark Welsford

“George Clark actually finding mud pools to jump in at the Sodbury Slog!”

Caroline King

“Completing my first park run.”


Val Sutton

“Forest of Dean half, I was not ready after injury but the Fliers got me home.”

Ali Iles

“Sodbury Slog – running & squelching through mud & water having a laugh with the very best running buddies!”

Teresa Hore

“Really hard to say, but my first ever 10K with Lynn and Rachel G was really brilliant, incredibly funny, and very special. Couldnt believe that I had run 10K, and these lovely ladies were with me every step of the way. Such beautiful scenery too! I have to go back soon!!”

Amy Johns

“The Sodbury Slog was hilarious. Made even better by doing it with 3 amazing ladies and good friends x”


Jennie Ann

“Doing my first and second ever half marathons and smashing them both. Thanks to the fliers and their support. Could never have done it without the help of others.”

Jennie Ann

“Getting electrocuted along a very muddy in Frenchay with the fliers! Or maybe it was trying to run carefully through a field of cows so that none would start chasing me!”

Nicolette Usher

“When I was running the London marathon; my brother, his family and my daughter came to support me. Being a Londoner, he managed to make his way around London to 4 points on the route to see me run past. As I was running up The Mall towards the finish line, I heard my name being shouted from the grandstand at the finish. I looked up to see my brother and family there. He had managed to get hold of tickets from someone leaving the stand and so was there to cheer me over the line! Amazing feeling like I was Paula Radcliffe only lots slower!”

Claire McKinstry

“The Bristol 10K. I booked last minute as I dont often do races. It was a beautiful day and I ran with the lovely Carolyn. We enjoyed every second even though we pushed ourselves hard. We both finished with new PBs, mine knocked 3mins30s off my last. I loved the sense of achievement and that feeling of pride when I finished. I also loved running with a great friend and supporting each other to achieve our goal.”


Jack Brimsom

“Bristol 10K as I got an all time PB of 43:45, best course though is Cardiff half marathon. Cardiff bay 10K is a nice course also though.”


Ian Browne

“Crossing the finishing line at Thruxton, my first proper chipped race, a whole 3.5 mins off my previous PB and first weighty supermedal to boot.”

Vicky Pratt

“It was running the Oldbury Power 10 miler with Rachel Graham. With the support of Rachel I smashed all my PBs. It was a great race :)”