About our logo!

The Stanbridge Fliers’ logo is firmly rooted in the school’s history. Stanbridge Primary School is over 60 years old and started life as Downend County school. The mortarboard wearing owl emblem was introduced to the school in the late 80s by the then headteacher Miss Bloodworth. The children at the time were asked to design a logo for the school and it was Becky Stroud who won the competition. She chose the owl because it’s a metaphor for wisdom and knowledge.

It wasn’t until the mid 90s that the image was modernised by the governing body with the help of new headteacher Mr Lee. Their interpretation of the owl had an edgy and modern feel to it and it has stood the test of time as is still the school logo. Miss Bertham added the ‘Aim High and Fly’ strapline when she became the school’s headteacher in 2013. Recently the owl has been given the name Stan!

The owl motif has been adopted by both the pre school and PTA over the years.

The Stanbridge Fliers, because of their connections with the school (James has been a teacher there for nearly twenty years), adopted the owl as their emblem but gave it a makeover – a more striking and recognisable image.

The name Stanbridge Fliers was chosen by Matt and James. The ‘Fliers’ spelling was preferred over the more familiar ‘Flyers’ alternative (as this is an Americanised spelling, often used by basketball teams). James and Matt wanted the font for the Fliers wording to also have a ‘familiar’ feel to it. They decided to use the typeface used by Bristol Commercial Vehicles – a vehicle manufacturer of buses. It is not too dissimilar to the Coca Cola font. Coke’s 2001 strap line ‘Living is Good’ seemed appropriate!